AXA Performance Marketing

AXA is a global leader in insurance and asset management, with 171,000 employees serving 105 million customers in 61 countries.


1. Channel conflict
As AXA is planning to migrate its general insurance products online, there is still an active agents program running which limits their online communications due to endorsed agreements with their on-ground agent network.

2. Search volume comes with threshold
Search volume for general insurance has a limit. People are only actively searching when they are either traveling or looking to renew yearly motor insurance. This acts as the key barrier when we are looking to optimise our campaigns.

3. ROI (is it worth it?)
General insurance revenue is normally lower than that of life insurance or medical insurance. Therefore, the media buy spent must be justified at all times in order to meet the goal of generating revenue and hitting our quarterly KPI's.


No guts no glory:
Since there is always a threshold when it comes to performance marketing, that is why the only way to succeed is by taking measurable risks with continuous research and understanding audience digital behaviors.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • SEM
  • Copywriting
  • User Research


Increased revenue by 70% in just first quarter for both travel and motor insurance combined

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