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  • UX Consultant / Senior UX Designer, Malaysia

    We are seeking a UX Consultant / Senior UX Designer to partake in an end-to-end software development environment. You’ll be working on the full life cycle of projects, from discovery to implementation. Understanding and investigating the root causes of problems and identifying the most appropriate solution we need to create. Evangelizing UX within the organization, and clients alike.

  • Senior Project Executive, Malaysia

    We are seeking a Senior Project Executive to manage digital project delivery, develop and manage the relationship with Splash’s key clients, a large number of them multinationals in the financial services & telco industry.

  • Account Director, Malaysia

    We are looking for an Account Director who is responsible for providing both strategic and tactical leadership across our key client accounts while still keeping their finger on the pulse of day-to-day project activities with a focus on meeting deliverable requirements, assuring overall quality of deliverables, meeting set revenue targets and ensuring overall customer satisfaction.

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