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When you are a global business with thousands of sales executives, distributors and employees based all around the world, how do you provide standardised training and guidelines?


Castrol is a global business, with sales executives, distributors and employees based all around the world. 

When your team is this widely distributed and with a diversity of languages, it is challenging to provide standardised training and guidelines.



Working together with our digital team, we decided on a strategy that not only supported the Castrol organisational goals, but also helped to create more accurate sales forecasting.

We developed and designed a digital Learning Academy that offered interactive future-scoped training and functionality that could be turned on or off depending on the audience. Using a digital solution enabled us to channel the correct learning intervention to the right people; whether the CEO of Castrol or an engineer on an oil rig.

Castrol was now able to offer a standardised approach to training and learning across its internal staff and distributor networks. By doing so, our Learning Academy brought several advantages – it improved training costs because it eliminated travel, reduced material costs and improved performance.

Additionally, because the training portal isn't bound by geography or time, individuals could train during their down time. Standardised content, feedback and rigorous testing of learning meant that the business could be sure that everyone would be able to relate the same benefits and messages to end-customers, improving overall business performance.



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