Citibank Malaysia Citi UPL Debt Consolidation

With a plethora of attractive debt consolidation offers, how do we entice the masses to switch banks and take up a new product offering?


To acquire new customers solely via a transfer programme can be a tough deal to seal without the usual cash rebate offer. 

The CitiUPLDebt Consolidation campaign was based on a needs base approach to convince customers to consider a new personal loan debt consolidation plan as an opportunity to cut their spending and keep up with  payments. 



A hassle-free campaign available for a limited time with gifts to encourage early sign-ups. 

The CitiUPLDebt Consolidation online campaign collaterals took on a friendly tone-of-voice to communicate Users on the new package; one that rewards customers through reduced interest rates,  savings and payment flexibility.  


  • Website design & revamp
  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Website front end coding
  • User Experience Design
  • Site information architecture

other case studies.

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