Citibank Clear 24.7 Facebook App Video

How do you bring to life the entire concept of a fun Facebook App that gets Users checking-in, earn points and badges for enjoying and sharing deals among their tribe?


The Clear 24.7 Facebook app was conceived to get Users excited about, using and sharing the various dining, shopping, clubbing and other lifestyle deals surrounding the product.

Users simply need to download the app, check into special merchant locations that have great deals, share these deals, vote for them, and make them "cool". Each interaction is rewarded with points, and the points helps the User climb the social ladder. The user with the most points will be crowned the Social-A-Lister, and stand a chance to win a grand party.



As part of the creative development process for the video animation, we focused our key messaging points around:

  • Get a more rewarding social life
  • Check-in and share the deals
  • Earn badgets for a grand party prize of $5,000.

In terms of the creative design, the visual concept and design is pop art like, snappy, using large graphic icons accompanied by a fun, upbeat narrative and voice over talent.

Accompanying the clean visuals, are a series of bold supers to help the viewer along the different messages communicated, as well as subtitles at the bottom of the screen to further aid understanding of the voiceover narrative.



  • Copywriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual design
  • Video Animation


  • W3 Silver Award 2012 : Video Features - Visual Effects, Motion Graphics

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