Citibank Malaysia and Samsung Malaysia Spot The S6

How do you ride on the buzz of the launching of a flagship gadget and use it to your brand's advantage?


Citibank got hold of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6, and would like to reward their best Facebook fan with it. While giving away a smartphone is rewarding in itself, how do we up the game and take it to the next level?


We built a Facebook app that incorporates mobile-responsiveness and gamification as part of a social media campaign. Inspired by the insanely addictive Kuku Kube online game, our Facebook game took the essence of the game and injected contextual relevance into it.

As the public at large was eagerly awaiting the much touted phantom leap from S5 to S6, the game rode on that anticipation and challenged players to spot the S6 among a sea of S5s.

We also flexed our visual design muscles with a real-time highscore display and a handful of milestone badges that were awarded for personal highscore and games-played achievements.


  • Social Media Marketing Campaign ideation
  • Facebook App programming
  • SEM
  • Visual design
  • Campaign Analytics

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