Eastspring Investments Responsive Website

How do you create a website that is relevant to Institutional Investors, Distributors and Retail Investors?


Eastspring Investments has a wide set of target audiences, each with its own unique needs. The designs also need to be sufficient flexible to enable Eastspring Investments to tailor the site to meet the specific regulatory requirements for each market.


Develop a clear understanding of the stakeholder requirements and target audience difficulties through a series of workshops. These workshops enabled us to lay the foundation for the project by defining:

  • User personas
  • User journeys
  • Features and requirements

Some of the key insights and features were:

  • Organization of information around specific funds, instead of content category. This enabled the audience to find all they need to know about a fund in one place.
  • Enabling advance funds-centric features, like watch list, download of complete range of fund documentation, interactive analysis of fund performance information.


  • Website Analytics
  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Personas and User Journeys
  • Website information architecture and wireframes
  • Responsive website design & and HTML coding

other case studies.

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