NIE Website Revamp

How do you clearly attract and address the needs of highly qualified students to your website through your reputation and courses?


NIE is the premier institute of higher learning in Singapore that prepares prospective teachers for their crucial role in the Singapore school system.

It needs to attract the most highly qualified candidates through its reputation, marketing, quality of the courses and faculty, hence the need for a new site that addresses the needs of faculty and students.

Our specific objectives were to help our Client:

  • Identify and develop marketing communication channels to help reach out to existing and potential students/markets.
  • Feature NIE’s expertise and contributions to the international academic and research community.
  • Improve navigation, UX design and information retrieval
  • Enable an effective mobile solution for the website.


It became clear to us at the outset that the audience is clearly segmented and differentiated in their needs, so the information architecture needs to address the different audiences clearly.

There was also the meed to make the different faculties and their research easily findable.

Last but not least, ease of maintenance is crucial so wherever possible, content needs to be automatically updated by integrating to internal systems.


  • Website analytics
  • Competitor website comparative analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • End user interviews
  • Online survey design
  • Site architecture
  • Wireframes and proposed features
  • Visual design
  • Technical development
  • Frontend coding
  • Implementation onto Sitefinity CMS v8.1
  • Integration with NIE systems
  • Content migration

other case studies.

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