UNICEF Malaysia Digital Campaign

Together with the Malaysian government and others who are truly passionate about child rights, UNICEF works in Malaysia to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow healthy and happy; live safely, and achieve their full potential.


1. CNY - holiday mode on
Launching the campaign during CNY was risky since a majority of the people are on holiday mode and travel back to their hometowns where they get busy with family reunions dinners and also, the network coverage is weaker (outside of the main cities). Grabbing attention at this time when people are using social media to share their OOTD (outfit of the day).

2. No historical data or performance.
Having to rely on other Asia Pacific regions performance data can be challenging as the behavior of the market is actually different.

3. Find the right audience
When there is no past digital performance data, it becomes tricky to understand who to target. That is when information is gathered through research and assumptions to drive insights.


A/B tested two creative directions to better uderstand our targeted audience.

Direction 1:
Using CNY salute sign to grab immediate attention of the users when they are busy sharing their reunion pictures on social media to remind them of the homeless and lonely unprivileged children.

Direction 2:
Use the prominent UNICEF blue branding to gauge audience interest at a brand level rather than triggering their emotions.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • SEM
  • Copywriting
  • User Research


Reached to more than 600K people in less than 2 weeks with 22k+ clicks followed by CTR of 2.1%

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