Utena Singapore product launch event

How do you launch a new product in an already congested market without a huge media budget?


The highly lucrative Singaporean beauty sector is dominated by major brands with huge budgets. Despite being a smaller brand, Utena's products are equal to those of the competiton so our challenge was to engineer a succesfull launch in the face of big spending competitors.


Our research showed that Singaporean consumers are heavily influenced by beauty bloggers, media and key opinion leaders when deciding on which beauty brands to use.

Meanwhile, Utena's products have a reputation for quality and effectiveness, having won multiple awards in Asia's major beauty markets including Japan and Taiwan. So, our job was to bring this to life for a new audience in Singapore.

So we created the 'Utena Beauty in Bloom Garden', an exclusive launch event for beauty and lifestyle KOLs and press where they could trial the product in luxurious surroundings. The event featured mini salons and relaxation areas for product trial, along with other branded experiences and product sampling stations.

After enjoying the luxurious event and experiencing Utena's fantastic products first hand, our guests went on to generate 70 million impressions of overhelmingly positive PR and online content.


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  • Experiential
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Social media
  • Influencer content
  • PR


42 articles in print media and 70MM online impressions

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