Angel Align China Website SEO

How do you optimize a website so that it can rank highly in the organic search results?


Angel Align is the largest provider of transparent teeth aligner in China.  When Angel Align approached us, their website did not perform well in natural search - less than 10% of webpages were indexed (out of more than 200 webpages) and only 3 brand keywords were listed on page 1 of Baidu organic search results.

Client's objective was to have 15 priority keywords listed on 1st page of Baidu and maximize the number of webpages indexed within 6 months.



We performed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities in 3 areas:
  • Optimized the website technical construct
  • Enhanced the website content with priority keywords 
  • Built inbound links from external websites


  • SEO
  • Site information architecture
  • User Research
  • Copy writing


  • Achieved 10 keywords listed on page 1 within 2 months and 15 keywords within 4 months.
  • Number of pages indexed increased to 200 pages within 4 months.
  • As a result, website visits from search engines increased by 3 fold in 4 months.

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