Citibank iPad App

How do you revolutionize the way Direct Sales Staff attract, present and pitch to customers the suite of Citibank Credit Cards to improve conversions?


In a highly competitive and saturated credit card environment, getting another card into a customer's hands is a challenge.

In the area of direct sales, particularly at bank branches and events, getting the customer's attention whilst he/she is on the move and in a hurry is an even bigger challenge.

Enter the Citibank iPad App, designed to help Direct Sales Agents perfect and complete their pitch easily and efficiently.


We outlined 5 typical lifestyle personas of Credit Card Users as a conversation starter and developed these key features for the iPad App:

  • Products vertical and horizontal overlays that slide in and out enabling the Sales Person to jump quickly into pitching any product
  • Product Detail Pages with hotspots communicating key Products highlights, benefits and features
  • A Product Recommender Tool with 4 easy questions that profiles the customer and recommends a suitable card or cards
  • A Product Comparison Tool that lets the Sales  Person add any card a customer may be interested in and run a quick comparison
  • A built-in Ready Credit PayLite Online  Calculator that lets the Customer see the savings he can enjoy 
  • A summary of Citibank Privileges that allows the Sales Person to walk through all the generic privileges like CWP, Gourmet Pleasures, Citi Alerts.


  • Site information architecture
  • Visual design
  • Copywriting
  • iOS iPad App Programming


  • Over 30% improvement conversions from Direct Sales Agents using the iPad App.