Citibank Malaysia Play, Collect, Turn

How do you entice consumers to willingly learn a complex piece of product knowledge?


The brief was to have a social media component that aligns with and reinforces the overall #CitiMakeMyDay campaign. A need to highlight all 3 reward currencies - Reward points, Cash Back and Miles - posed the greatest challenge in the form of visual design. On top of that, the social media campaign had to feature a contest that is interesting, shareable and scalable.


We enabled Citi and non-Citi customers to experience how the mechanics of Pay, Collect and Turn will make their day.

A contest mechanism was developed from scratch and built into a Facebook app. Users were able to select their choice of reward personalities, which consists of Rewards Hunter, Cash Back King, and Global Tourist.

Each personality group compete among themselves to win a grand prize that is tailor-made to their personality.


  • Social Media Marketing Campaign ideation
  • Facebook App programming
  • Visual design
  • Campaign Analytics

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