Lion Global Disruptive Innovation Fund Campaign

How do you bring an innovative fund to market in a traditionally conservative segment?

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The fund launch is supported by a limited distribution network. Normal channels, via retail banks and investment advisors are not available to Lion Global.

The brief specified a very large target audience comprising anyone who could spare $100 to invest in the fund.


The Fund lets the retail investor access a specially selected portfolio of companies with innovative technologies, products and disruptive models that have the potential to change the world. Because LGI has a limited distribution network, the brief was to take the product directly to consumers who can spend as little as $100 to start investing in the fund.

A series of videos were shot around candid interviews with the target audience and helped formed the basis of the banner campaign. A specially designed microsite helped to drive qualified leads to online partners for the purchase of the funds. To reach a wide audience in a cost effective manner, the message was delivered entirely through digital channels, Google search, display and YouTube, reaching millions which generated hundreds of thousands of visits to the website.


  • Google Search Marketing
  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Video development
  • Website design & revamp
  • Content Creation
  • Visual Design
  • Front end coding