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From developing Personas & User Journeys for the design of websites to creating mobile and web apps to faciilate gifting and/or ideating creative campaign and on ground activation ideas to drive foot traffic to malls/department stores during special seasons, we connect our Client's properties to their Users in useful, tangible ways.

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Mobile App
", "desc": "Christmas 2012. How do you make shoppers aware of what’s available in CapitaMalls islandwide and encourage them to consolidate their year-end shopping?", "href": "./work/capitamalls.html" }] } >

Mobile Apps

First impressions count, and we believe mobile apps have to look beautiful, be simple to use and work effortlessly for Users to keep coming back.

  • What We Do

    Our approach to developing a mobile app  is to try and evolve design centred thinking around the different components of the mobile app development process. 

    These include:
    - Prioritising architecture issues
    - Analyzing technical concerns
    - Designing a solution that can be enhanced
    - Developing and testing in sprints

  • Mobile Apps Services

    1. Creative concept
    2. Site Information architecture 
    3. UX planning & design
    4. Visual design
    5. iOS & Android App development


What We Do